behind zolf design

I founded Zolf Design company in 2011 in London, where there is a high demand for solutions from manufacturers of pro-audio products. I spent a lot of time first handedly experiencing the problems and challenges faced by both beginning and advanced artists. These artists are the ones who ultimately benefit from having a custom built product of their dreams. Understanding and wanting to fix these issues allowed me to adapt and create professional equipment for the studio use.

As a business owner of Zolf Design I want to not only meet, but exceed your expectations to make highly innovative music products. My goal is to design an original and custom built product specific to the clients specifications. I will promise to build something original and of the highest quality for those who wish to improve their ergonomics allowing for work.

Innovation is the driving force behind my workflow. In order to provide you with the best result, my designs are aimed at choosing the most appropriate measure and solutions designed specifically on your requirement. My five progress system design will provide you with the highest level of attention to detail to keep you hands on during the process. I will always be open to your questions and suggestions and I promise a prompt response.

Why custom product is better ?

Everyone is different – style, character, desires and personality. Thus, everyone is looking for a solution which will reflect their own preferences. A product which is customized to you, will improve your not only your work space, but your workflow, your work quality and your ergonomics. Since every product is customized, every product is unique with your own design.  Your imagination is the limit !

My offer

Zolf Design provides custom design and building service with following products:

  • Studio Desks
  • Rack Units
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Loudspeakers

5 steps to achieve your goal !

  • Inspiration

  • Model design

  • 3D Visualisation

  • Building

  • Final Product