Aurora studio desk



The main aim was to build a Doepfer LMK II+ keyboard into the desk and make it look like a piano. Secondly most important element was a detachable piano cover which allows free access to the desk without interacting with the piano keyboard. The desk has a dedicated section for an AVID Euphonix controllers. Like in my other projects, the integration of all necessary elements into one desk was crucial. An effective usage of given space ( additional compartments and cable management) is also play an important role in the process of construction.

Desk features:

  • Dimmensions: 1626 x 930 x 965 [ mm ] ( W,H,D )
  • 9 RU
  • Build in Doepfer LMK2+
  • Build in Mac keyboard
  • AVID Euphonix controlers section
  • cable management
  • module design
  • compartment for additional cables

Desk finish:

  • Indian Apple natural veneer
  • Black eco leather


Composer for Film & Media

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  • I am a composer for film and media and have worked across Cinema and TV in film and advertising. I had been searching for a desk (workstation) for well over two years, but I hadn’t seen anything that fit my criteria, so I eventually decided it would be best to have a desk custom made. My requirements were quite specific and nothing currently on the market could give me what I was after. I came across mr. Jaroslaw’s work whilst searching an internet forum and was so impressed with his skill and artistry I got in contact and we arranged a meeting. We went through the whole design process, materials and integration of third-party audio gear. Whereas other manufacturers stated that something would not be possible, Jaroslaw managed to do it and very well. The desk was created, to schedule and with all gear perfectly fitted, including a (piano) keyboard which was masterfully integrated. The result is a piece of technical furniture that is not only structurally impeccably solid, but one that also houses all the necessary gear, optimises my workflow and looks fantastic. I have successfully produced many productions since getting the new desk. Mr. Jaroslaw Syroka is a truly ingenious and innovative craftsman, who understands materials and structure along with the very best, and can make almost any brief possible. I would recommend him as first port of call to anyone serious about their profession, in need of top-quality technical furniture and design.

    Nick S.Composer for Film & Media